Our Strategic Focus

The following strategic elements are the reasons for Bayshore Capital's continuing success in a variety of market conditions.

Industry Focus

Since its founding, Bayshore has maintained its primary focus on financial services, real estate and hospitality industries, and the technology that supports these businesses. Specifically, Bayshore is uniquely positioned to capitalize on business opportunities in the real estate and services sector where technology is a strategic determinant.


Leverage Deal-making Strength

By selecting business opportunities that are susceptible to our demonstrated deal-making skills, patience and financial insight, Bayshore Capital can acquire fundamentally sound businesses whose success is hampered by poor relationships between existing owners, and/or with their lenders.

Hands-on Principals

At Bayshore Capital our decision-making process is swift, simple, and focused.

On-going Divestiture of Fully
Valued Companies

Selected divestiture of fully-valued portfolio companies enables us to maintain focus, maximize flexibility and generate ongoing cash flow to fund existing companies as well as new opportunities.