Previous investments


Bayshore Bank and Trust (Barbados) Ltd.

Founded by Bayshore Capital in 1996, from a standing BBTB grew to become a leading provider of private banking, wealth management and family office advisory services .  BBTB was administering over $30 Billion in assets when Bayshore sold it to J & T Group in 2008

Nationwide Credit Inc.

Previously NCI was one of North America's leading receivables management companies with revenues exceeding $100 Million when it was acquired by Bayshore in 2002 through a debt restructuring.   Bayshore rebuilt NCI's management and infrastructure to adapt to the changing competitive environment.   Prioritizing top tier clients, NCI became the leading provider of receivables management services to American Express (NYSE: AXP) and was sold OCWEN Financial (NYSE: OCN) in 2007.

Barclays Bank - Joint Venture

Bayshore established a joint venture with Barclays Bank UK to offer customers independent news and information, a comprehensive suite of interactive analytical features and integrated transaction processing. Bayshore’s interest in the joint venture was subsequently acquired by Barclays Bank.

Bayshore Leasing

Was one of the first Canadian leasing companies to harness the Internet as a primary means of business origination and delivering vendor support. It was acquired by Leasing Solutions, Inc. in 1998.

Bayshore Trust

Was one of the most technologically advanced financial institutions in North America. In 1996, it was sold to Trimark Financial Corporation, a leading mutual fund company (Trimark’s 1996 assets: US$11 billion).

Footprint Software Inc.

Grew to be a leader in the development of financial services software. It was sold to IBM Corp. in 1995.


Was the first independent website to allow consumers to research, compare and purchase a wide variety of financial products offered by Canada's leading financial institutions. In 1999, i|money was acquired by Quebecor, Canada’s leading printing and publishing conglomerate.

Priority Brokerage, Inc.

A pioneer in Canada’s on-line discount brokerage market. Bayshore sold Priority to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. in 1999.

724 Solutions (NASDAQ: SVNX)

Other key investors include Citigroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Bank of Montreal. 724 Solutions completed Canada’s largest-ever technology IPO in January 2000.