The Bayshore Advantage

Experienced Executive Team

Bayshore's experienced executive team has developed expertise in the process of starting, identifying and acquiring high-potential businesses, recruiting and retaining solid management for these firms, building value, and ultimately, completing divesture transactions that maximize investment returns.


Worldwide Contacts & Resources

In over 15 years, Bayshore has built a worldwide network of relationships with M & A firms and well-placed professionals to identify opportunities and who have proven both capable and ready to support Bayshore's initiatives.

Comprehensive Technology Infrastructure

In assembling a portfolio of financial, real estate, hospitality, technology and services businesses, we have built and honed a powerful technology infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of expert staff, documented and stable applications, tested hardware and software platforms/tools and a comprehensive methodology for assessing and integrating new investments into existing operations.


Patient Capital

Bayshore Capital's principals and long-term investors are the primary source of our capital base. This enables us to take a longer term, "patient capital" approach, to sustain appropriate levels of investment with an emphasis on long-term value creation. In circumstances where our competitors may be impeded by public market demands and/or short-term reporting pressures, Bayshore has demonstrated an ability to act expeditiously to seize opportunity.

Our Strengths

  • Negotiating and Structuring
  • Managing for Long-term Value
  • Rapid Decision-making and Execution
  • Selecting Opportunities and Timing Market for Optimal Entry and Exit
  • Record of Capturing and Creating Value